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Unveiling Insights: Answers to Your Burning Questions from the Summit

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The MarTech Summit Asia 23&24 April 2024 — Unanswered Questions

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Welcome to our summit’s aftermath—a curated collection of insights unearthed from the depths of your unanswered questions. Throughout the event, your inquiries ignited conversations and fuelled our curiosity. Join us as we unravel the mysteries and shed light on the lingering questions to the brilliant speakers that captivated us during the summit!

Unanswered Q&A from The MarTech Summit Asia

Panel Discussion | [Brand Strategy] Connecting Brand to Demand: Powerful B2B Messaging and Branding across Channels


Simone Stoiber, Regional Director, Marketing, Harro Höfliger

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❓What are the unique challenges of storytelling to B2B audiences (compared to B2C)? What are your biggest pain points?

Simone: To make it fun, entertaining, and engaging due to its technical content (in our case machinery).

❓What are the tools or systems you have in place for ensuring the narrative (or messaging) across the various channels?

Simone: Close collaboration with our HQ. Content can be localised or adjusted to the channel if key message is the same.

❓How do you track/measure brand loyalty?

Simone: Repeat customers/purchases are the best measurement for us.

❓How to align brand metrics with CEO / CFO who cares more about business result / sales.

Simone: Marketing and sales go hand in hand. Without any marketing, there’s less sales for new business.


Sara Pike, Director, Head of Customer Experience, Ipsos

❓Sara, will you be able to share the full report with us?

Attached: Global Voices of Experience 2023_Presentation APAC

❓How are customer expectations evolving in response to changing market dynamics, technological advancements, and cultural shifts?

Customer expectations are constantly evolving. If anything is constant is the need to change and adapt to these expectations evolving. Experiences are becoming blurred as customers navigate cross channel, cross region, leveraging technology etc.

Customer priorities, attitudes and behaviours are changing. This gives brands an opportunity to provide reassurance that these uncertain times are navigable and, in

so doing, strengthen their customer relationships. Building these strong customer relationships is likely to involve three steps:

· Understand: ascertain the influencing factors and understand the impact of the crisis on customers and brands.

· Adapt: identify how to best refocus CX measurement and management to meet changing needs and reallocate resources to address what truly matters, in the most cost-effective way possible.

· Anticipate: identify how customers are adapting to changing environments and how new needs and behaviours are formed, to evolve the customer-brand interactions and relationships for the future.

Staying close to customers now is more important than ever to ensure brands are listening to them in order to adapt to the constant changes in our macro environment right now.

❓The CX stats, how does Asia compare to the other global markets?

The findings were mostly consistent and in line. The top 3 priorities were the same for Asia and the overall global findings:

· Develop CX strategic roadmap

· Personalisation

· Close brand promise gap

❓Can you share more on the ROI Model?

Attached: Ipsos – Money Talks or Budget Walks; Ipsos – CX Global Analytics – ROCXI analysis showcase FINA

❓What are the most successful ways of measuring CX outside of NPS and OSAT?

It comes down to organisations assessing what is the right KPI to measure for their brand. Refer to attached: Ipsos Views – The Key To Your CX Success

❓Do you need to do the full end to end service design framework each time?

A company can start at any point in the framework, depending on where they are at in their own journey for CX change. For example, an organisation may already know the pain points and what possible solutions there are and they can move straight into “Develop” and “Deliver”. See attached: Ipsos – CX_Service_Design

❓Can you delve a bit more into how a hybrid governance model would work?

Attached: Ipsos – CX Governance – How to Design the right structure – Credentials

Panel Discussion | [CRM] How to Optimise Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) to Harness Buyer/Client Insights to Boost Sales?


Koo Sok Hoon, Director, Marketing Communications, The Travel Corporation

❓If you have a very rigid global CRM solution, what can you do to get the most out of it without changing the platform?

Sok Hoon: This is a very real problem. Look into 3rd party solutions that could help alleviate some of the pain points without having the need to overhaul the global CRM solution.

❓What marketing platforms have you all managed to integrate with your CRM?

Sok Hoon: I have used Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

❓How do you align with the sales reps to use the CRM and update their interactions with their customers?

Sok Hoon: This is a common issue I hear in many organizations. The most basic is to setup processes for sales reps to be accountable in using CRM, one of the sales rep’s KPI has to be the accuracy of their inputs into the CRM system. Only with proper processes, measurements in place, then the organizations could ensure sales reps’ accountability.

❓What incentives and processes are in place to ensure the quality and integrity of communications are accurately input into CRM system?

Sok Hoon: Reference to question 3 as a backdrop for this question, incentives would be highly dependent on each organization’s resources.

❓CRM metrics like email open rates mean little when the sales pipeline takes 1 year. How can we explain CRM campaign success without immediate sales data?

Sok Hoon: Depending on the setup of the CRM campaign, multiple measurements, parameters could be set in place to track. It could even be tracking request for quote, brochures which might have a shorter conversion timeline.

❓Data/insights from CRM can be overwhelming and granular. How do you craft scalable actions and campaigns from this?

Sok Hoon: Begin with the end in mind. The first step is to determine what is the end goal of the campaign. Once that goal is clear, then the actions and campaigns would have to be crafted to deliver the goal.

❓Based on your experiences, what is the best content strategy to be incorporated in your CRM automation. How different is it from the content strategy for social

Sok Hoon: There is no one best content strategy. If I have to go back to one point I mentioned during the summit, I will highlight customer centricity. The content strategy should be tailored to the customer’s preference in their journey with the brand. Example if customer is searching for trips to Italy, we would serve them eDM, ads on Italy itineraries, etc.

In the context of social content strategy, the messaging would be tailored to a wider customer segment compared to a CRM automation perspective, in which there’s more leeway for it to be a personalised journey for the customer.

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