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Post-Summit Report | The MarTech Summit Bangkok, 18 & 19 October 2023

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The MarTech Summit Bangkok returned this year on 18 & 19 October 2023 at Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit. With an impressive turnout of over 200 senior-level marketers, more than 40 dynamic speakers, and a diverse array of 10 MarTech exhibitors, this year’s summit was nothing short of a resounding success, marked by engaging discussions and insightful sessions.

We were honoured to host an eclectic mix of delegates from renowned organisations such as Central Group, Minor Hotels, NocNoc, Carabao Group, Osotspa, Klook, SCB, Suntory Beverage and Food, Nestle, CBRE, Banpu, UOB, PepsiCo, ABA Bank, and many more. The summit served as a powerful gathering point, bringing together MarTech lovers from leading brands and organisations to foster meaningful connections and facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas.

Summit Demographic – Top Attending Industries

And, we have more than 90% of our attendees were in the senior leadership positions and above. More than 60% of them were coming from organisations with 500+ headcounts.

This year, our brand-new agenda encompassed a wide array of cutting-edge topics, including Big Data, Marketing Automation, Gamification, Social Media Marketing, Future Work, Next-Gen CX, and more. These themes were explored through a diverse range of formats, including panels, engaging fireside chats, enlightening keynote presentations, and interactive roundtable discussions. In fact, we were thrilled to receive over 200 thought-provoking questions from our enthusiastic and engaged attendees, adding an extra layer of depth to the event’s dynamic discourse.

Summit highlights

As part of the registration process, we posed a fundamental question to our attendees: “Which area of your MarTech Stack would you like to improve?”

And for sure, we made it a priority to deliver relevant sessions designed to offer invaluable insights and key takeaways for our attendees during this year’s summit, focusing on the top three areas of interest: Marketing Analytics, Marketing Automation, and Content Marketing.

We aimed to equip our participants with the knowledge and tools they needed to excel in these domains and beyond. This allowed us to tailor our discussions and insights to meet the specific needs and interests of our attendees, ensuring a relevant and valuable experience for all.

Marketing Analytics

Undoubtedly, data is the core element of marketing analytics. We had 3 sessions throughout the summit to bring in expertise and insights for our attendees, and hopefully provide some solutions to their challenges.

To analyse data and hence generate marketing strategies, Matteo Frigerio, Chief Marketing Officer at Agoda, reminded his fellow marketers to “Be a scientist. Get ideas from experts, but do not blindly follow them, and rather validate them with controlled experiments. Establish a culture where empirical evidence matters more than the Hippo (highest paid person’s opinion).”

Rabin Gupta, Director of Digital, Revenue & Distribution at Compass Hospitality, shared another noteworthy takeaway on data – “Too much analysis, leads to paralysis: If you fall in this situation, you need to stop and take a decision considering the short-term, mid-term and long-term risk. And you will realize during the process you will open another window of opportunity or run another test.”

Marketing Automation

We also dedicated a session focused on marketing automation. With a staggering array of over 400 marketing automation tools and platforms available, the goal is always to ensure that marketers could make informed choices to help them achieve their specific objectives.

Devam Saxena, Vice President & Group Head of CRM at Central Group believes that “Successful marketing automation hinges on the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, skilled professionals, and a robust data foundation. When you align the right technology, talent, and data stack, the potential for marketing automation success becomes boundless.”

Content Marketing

In today’s digital age, when we discuss content, it’s impossible to ignore the impact of social media. Marketing on diverse social media platforms presents marketers with rapidly evolving challenges and opportunities.

Wutichai Namjaiprasert, Chief Marketing Officer at GDH 559 has given advice here – “You are one of the customers for any industry, “Put yourself in someone’s shoes.” And learn from it! Understating the change of each thing and adapt to what’s you would like to do in the different way.”

In that session, we also introduced a roundtable discussion to replace the standard Q&A for our attendees to speak on their challenges and pain points on social media strategies.

Here are some takeaways from the tables:

1. Challenge: actual products are not the same as what’s advertised; Solution: Don’t focus on just selling but also listen to/research on what customers are really looking for.

2. Challenge: B2B business clients felt threatened by online B2B business; Solution: helping clients to get more leads through the online platform

3. Challenge: Global brand have difficulties understanding different languages and user behaviours; Solution: Use local agencies and listen to customer feedbacks Challenges Complains on social medias Set up respond team and use social listening tools

Future engagement:

We wish to extend our sincerest gratitude to all our partners and MarTech enthusiasts who joined us, contributing to a remarkable showcase of networking and knowledge-sharing at the summit. Your participation made this event a resounding success, and we look forward to continued collaboration and growth in the future.

The MarTech Summit Team is thrilled to have had the opportunity to host such an exceptional and interactive community once again. We invite you to stay connected with us for future updates by following our social media accounts and joining The MarTech Community on Slack!

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By: Teddy Fung, Oct 2023 

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